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Yo, I need your help building my game...

I am making a very cool video game, but I need help to do it.
If you want to help here's how you can do it:

ok I do not own a digital camera of any kind... and it blows. If you have one here's a way to help me that will not take any time out of your day [ok maybe a teeny bit]: I need pictures of civic structures such as the skytrain station, libraries, city hall, and schools/parks/hospitals. If you have a camera, please tote it arround with you and snap up some good shots of the architecture, it'll help me model for the game. as well as building the graphics to slap onto the 3d models.

If you would like to play a charracter in the game, I will gladly put you in it [somewhere] and give you a bit-part in the various stories.

I also need a digi-cam to capture peoples faces to put onto the models... [this is a really simple thing, think drivers liscense type photos... but I need the neck bare, and a shot of the back of the head too]

I've completed quite a bit of small models for the game such as road peices, barrels/stoofs and the exterior to this building to put into it. and am working on learning more about Discreet 3D studio max 7... if you know a thing or two, maybe you can help me learn faster :)
I'm also looking for other artists to help compose graphics for the game [there's tonnes of work to do, all the help is greatly apreciated]

anyone who helps gets full credit for the work they do, and will get $ if the game gets completed and goes to market.

if any of this is within your interest please email me at:

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